NeverSettle is a personal development blog that aims to put you in control of your life

Why the name ‘NeverSettle’?

Firstly, to never settle for less than you desire. If you aren’t truly happy or fulfilled with certain aspects of your life, or if you aren’t looking forward to the future, do something about it. Take charge of your life and start taking actions that will move things in a positive direction.

Secondly, to never stop improving: no matter the state of the world or your individual circumstances, there is always something that can be done to make things better. Boredom isn’t a consideration when there are always things that can be done to improve your health, better your financial position, increase your social circle, deepen your relationships, add to your list of projects, or experience new things. Additionally, if you are in such a comfortable position to be considering how to further improve yourself, you might find it more fulfilling to focus your efforts externally — there are many things that can be done to improve the state of the world.


To assist you in maximising the value you get out of your life. NeverSettle believes life is about maximising experience and growth. This requires:

  • knowing what you want to experience;
  • knowing the sort of person you want to become;
  • spending less time doing the things you dislike and more time doing the things that bring meaning to your life;
  • being free from negative mindsets that hold you back from achieving success; and
  • understanding how to get from where you are today to achieving the above points in the future.

To make progress towards the above goals, NeverSettle’s primary topics are:

  • Mindsets & perspectives;
  • Purpose, direction & motivation;
  • Goal setting & lifestyle design;
  • Careers, business & personal finance; and
  • Time management & personal productivity.